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I was compelled to start an Instagram account after I had my 3rd miscarriage. I wanted to offer a space for support and open up the discussion. Nobody spoke about miscarriages, and I never in a million years considered I’d have one… I quickly decided that posting pics and discussing with others was great, but I had a thirst for more… and so the podcast was born!

I’ve made it my mission to open up the discussion around starting and growing our families and how it’s rarely as straightforward as we grow up thinking it will be. I want to open up the conversation, break taboos, and empower people to DEMAND (or even refuse) simple things in medical situations -I also recently found out I have Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease (simple blood test – someone from the patriarchy decided you had to have 3 babies die to obtain this kind of info about your own body). I go on about this A LOT! Basically (I hope), I had 3 miscarriages so you don’t have to :p

I want to show everyone out there struggling with these issues that there’s someone else who shares their exact story, no one is alone, we’re all in it together. And of course I’m also SUPER passionate about making this as inclusive as humanly possible… Whether you’re cis and white like me, a POC, trans, non-binary, asexual, gay… if you need support on your family planning journey, this is the place for you ❤

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Emosh episode for me.Sooooo happy I'm bringing it to you on International Women's Day… Truly shows the amazing ways in which women support women, even when they've never even met!Emily helped me get to where I am today with my thyroid health and rainbow pregnancy, and I'm forever eternally grateful.We talk aaalllll things thyroid in this episode along with ivf and getting pregnant as a gay couple. TW: We do talk about living children, current pregnancy, and you can can hear a baby gurgling in the episodeCan't wait to hear what you think! Want to support the show? Why not buy me a coffee? ;) production, guest sourcing & liaison, website & social content, and sound editing are done by me, Natasha Saint-Geniès. :)Waiting for Margot:Instagram:
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